Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2024

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We can all learn from one another across our various intersectional divides. In doing so, we can increase the wellbeing of employees, and ultimately, be more productive, raise profits and create a world where everyone can meaningfully participate and belong at work.​ 

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Summit 2022

Summit 2023

2024 Theme: Where Awareness Meets Action. We are back bigger and better than ever!


The journey toward achieving thorough diversity and inclusion is an ongoing process, requiring persistent efforts, mutual learning, and a commitment to celebrating our varied experiences. 


The driving force behind our return? 


The inspiring display we all witnessed the last two years of our collective power to champion diversity and advocate for inclusion.


This year, we’re poised to construct connections that foster understanding and empathy and tear down the barriers that hinder inclusion!

By actively addressing and dismantling the barriers that hinder full inclusion, the summit seeks to create a space where everyone’s voices are heard, valued, and respected. 

Together, attendees will explore innovative approaches, engage in insightful discussions, and cultivate tangible strategies to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life, work, and society.

Join us for the Diversity and Inclusion Summit, held in August 2024 in Perth, Western Australia AND November 2024 in Melbourne, Victoria.
Attend one or both as they will be two individual events with different conversations.

Speakers & Sponsorships

Expressions of Interest

Speaker slots are open on an ongoing basis.
Welcoming all speaker expressions of interest.

Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2024 

Diversity and Inclusion Summit is the event shining a much-needed light on how communities, industries, and teams can become stronger through inclusive practice. It is an immersive and representative experience, you can expect engaging presentations, panel discussions, case-studies, interviews, exhibits, and much more. If you are after the best cultural conversations in town, this is the place to be.

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